The Outside In Method ©


The Outside In Method


What is“The Outside In Method ©”?

The Outside In Method © is an interactive tool designed to help you create a highly profitable business in the fastest possible time.

We will begin by asking you a series of very specific questions relating to your business. The aim is to determine where your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats lie and what action plans you have in place or need to put in place to continually succeed and improve in your small business.


Why is it called“The Outside In Method ©”?

It is named The Outside In Method © because it is designed to help you to learn exactly how to look at your small business through your customers’ eyes – hence, from the outside looking in.


What is the value of “The Outside In Method ©”?

The Outside In Method © has been developed from over thirty years of small business, franchising and advertising experience, and works in conjunction with Profit Calculator ©.

The purpose of The Outside In Method © is to:

  1. Assist in planning profit and growth discussions about your business.
  2. Help you learn how to “wow” your customers and turn them into advocates.
  3. Identify the key issues you must overcome to achieve your profit and other goals.
  4. Determine specific objectives and actions to overcome the identified issues.
  5. Generate highly practical and achievable action plans for your business to implement.
  6. Help you to understand exactly what resources you need to achieve your objectives.
  7. Give you the all the tools and strategies you need.


What is covered in “The Outside In Method ©”?

The Outside In Method © begins with a comprehensive and structured review of every aspect of your business environment, both internal and external.

The result is a highly actionable set of:

  • Objectives
  • Action Plans
  • Measures
  • Timeframes
  • Resources
  • Responsibilities


What’s the Next Step?

Due to the highly customized nature of this program, The Outside In Method © is limited to only a select number of eligible businesses each year.

To discuss availability, contact Retail Fundamentals on: 0425 83 33 44 today.