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“I continue to refer my clients to Leon Skaliotis because he is different to other business advisers.  He does not only give expert advice but he follows through with the advice.  He creates a business plan for success and then implements it with passion as if it were his own business.  And Leon does know.  He is very well qualified with a Master of Business Administration (MBA).  This is the qualification for company takeovers, mergers and acquisitions.  Leon’s practical experience is from owning different types of retail businesses over many years.  He is is just fantastic for retail businesses.  I fully trust him and so should you.”

Peter G. Antippa – ANTIPPA LAWYERS


“I needed help with my marketing and was referred to contact Retail Fundamentals. I thought they just looked after retail stores but was pleasantly surprised that Leon is an expert at helping anyone who has a business that deals directly with the end user. I was extremely pleased with the personal service and quality of the advice and will continue to use their services on a regular basis.”

Eva Deligiannis – Director, Change Making Consulting Services

“We approached Retail Fundamentals in July for help with improving staff retention and engagement. We were very impressed with his ability to quickly implement a number of initiative which resonated with our team, generating immediate momentum. I believe the programs implemented by Leon have had a direct and lasting impact on the team who are now both re-focused and notching up some excellent results! Many thanks Leon!”

Gene Alessi – Owner, Core Principles (Australia) Pty Ltd –  Personal Training and Exercise Physiology

“Leon has a great deal of knowledge and experience in helping business owners. I would recommend anyone who feels like they are not maximising the potential of their business to give him a call.”

Matthew Isaac – IT Services

“We were losing money every month in our homewares business and were seriously considering closing the doors when I was referred to Retail Fundamentals. They implemented a mystery shopping program and when we got the results we quickly realized that we had a quite a few holes in our operation both on the floor and our back office. Leon told us about the Outside In Method and we began applying the program. Small changes that should’ve been obvious to us– but weren’t- started giving us immediate results and inspiration to continue. We are now ready and excited about Christmas trading and are more organized than ever before and have scheduled a full twelve months marketing calendar. A fresh set of eyes and the Retail Fundamentals team have revitalized us. It’s like our own Gordon Ramsay business makeover without the swearing!!! Thank you Leon and Retail Fundamentals.”

Isabella Nava – Homewares

“We’re on target to have our best year thanks to the help we received; really friendly, professional; would highly recommend Retail Fundamentals to anyone wanting to start or grow their business.”

Phil Laukens – Hospitality

“I was very relieved and excited when Leon used the Profit Calculator to review and investigate our business. The program was clear and concise, and has seven key areas that all businesses must work on to improve profit. We have already started to put into place 2 of the 7 areas and have quickly started to see great results. Working with Leon and his strategies has been extremely successful. I highly recommend business owners to call Retail Fundamentals. They know what works.”

Mary Willox – Office Supplies, Australia.