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Sales and Marketing Plans


Marketing and Sales Plan Consultants Melbourne

Find your edge and put your business front and centre with Retail Fundamentals.

A good marketing plan will do three things; shape the way you connect to your existing customers, attract new clientele, and identify groups your current marketing doesn’t target. Ultimately, an effective sales and marketing plan will lead to higher, more consistent profit in the long term.

An effective marketing strategy is well researched, clearly outlined, and simple to execute. At Retail Fundamentals our expert consultants will ensure that simplicity, clarity and thoroughness form the foundation of your business plan. Combining exclusive assessment software with proven industry expertise, our business advisors will help you develop a marketing plan that will distinguish your Melbourne business from the pack.

Develop a Simple, Effective Business Strategy

We offer comprehensive assistance for Melbourne businesses in need of new sales and marketing practices. Our consultants can support and guide you throughout the planning and execution of a tactical marketing plan and sales process that works for your business. There are several stages involved in creating a business plan including:

  • Positioning your product or services: Understanding your niche in the market is the first important step in developing an effective sales plan. An advisor can help you compare your business to others in your industry and area to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Ask for input from trusted advisors: Trusted, expert advice is an important part of formulating a clear marketing strategy. Consulting with one of our expert business plan advisors will help you gain perspective and identify areas for improvement.
  • Ask for input from customers and prospective customers: Customer feedback has becoming both more accessible and important with the rise of social media. Taking feedback from both your existing and intended customers can provide crucial insight into your business.
  • Draft your plan: Our advisors can help you draft and execute a business marketing plan that’s both simple and achievable.

With a marketing plan in place, you’ll have a structure you can use to help keep your business on track. Once established, we’ll help you review your plan every six months to help you determine whether it is producing the results you need. Our consultants can also help you update your plan regularly to respond to changing market conditions.

Stop having an underperforming Melbourne business. Put an effective marketing plan into action and watch your profit grow.