Profit Calculator ©


Profit Calculator


What is Profit Calculator ©

Profit Calculator © is a unique software application specifically for small business owners, developed by and exclusive to Retail Fundamentals. In just a few easy steps you can:

  • Calculate the profit improvement potential of your business – weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • Calculate, save and print unlimited scenarios for profit improvement.
  • Calculate and print Revenue and Profit before and after charts.


See Profit Improvement Potential in Three Steps 

  1. In your first consultation we will ask you a few highly targeted questions.
  2. Next, we will input your answers into Profit Calculator ©.
  3. Profit Calculator © calculates the profit improvement potential of your business – weekly, monthly or yearly.


How does Profit Calculator © work?

As a small business owner, you need to focus your attention on the things within your control that affect your profit.

Profit Calculator © is the result of years of research into identifying the most important areas that influence business profitability. This research has lead to the discovery that there are seven profit drivers that affect your profitability.

It is a fact that small improvements made to each of these profit drivers combine to give you a staggering overall impact to your profit.

It is all about combining the power of leverage – the concept at the core of Profit Calculator ©.



What Profit Improvement can I expect?

If you are only looking for a 5% -10 % profit improvement – this is not for you.

Small improvements in the seven profit drivers, when combined, can result in a huge profit improvement for your small business.

If you are looking for a 50%, 60%, 70% or more profit improvement – this is definitely for you.



How quickly can I achieve my projected profit improvement?

The quickest way to reach your projected profit improvement is to:

  • Focus on one profit driver at a time.
  • Apply tested and proven strategies to achieve your desired improvement.
  • Measure how your business is performing in relation to them using Key Performance Indicators.
  • Work closely with your Retail Fundamentals business advisor.



How can you help me?

We can:

  • Equip you with everything you need to start or accelerate with confidence.
  • Help you learn and apply tested and proven systems and success principles.
  • Help you to manage your profit improvement strategy through correct measurement and achievable KPI’s.



Something important to remember-

Seeing what profit improvement you can expect AND how to achieve it is the easy part.

Having all the help you will ever need is what we at Retail Fundamentals do very, very well.

Deciding to make a total commitment to the task is what brings many owners undone.

In the final analysis – it’s up to you.



What’s the Next Step?

To experience the power of Profit Calculator ©, and see the profit improvement potential of your business, contact Retail Fundamentals on : 0425 83 33 44 to arrange your confidential consultation today.