Mystery Shopping


Mystery Shopping


Retail Mystery Shopper Melbourne

When your staff treat every customer as a mystery shopper every single time, you turbo-charge your service. If you want to increase your profitability, that’s critical.

Gain perspective and insight into your small business with our retail mystery shopper services in Melbourne.

Mystery shopping is a tool that has been used in retail for decades by shop owners wanting to look at their trade from a customer’s perspective. Store managers realise they lose business because of poor quality customer service, but many are surprised to learn that 67 percent of customers who stop going to a particular shop do so because of a poor service experience. This is why it’s vital to receive regular, in-depth feedback that can be used to coach your staff, because ultimately, your staff are your business.


When properly implemented as part of an effective business plan the benefits of mystery shopping include:
1. Finding out what customers really think.
2. Identifying strengths and weaknesses in customer service.
3. Motivating staff to deliver outstanding service.
4. Identifying individual training needs.
5. Improve your service levels
6. Check staff performance
7. Understand your customers
8. Keep your clients satisfied, every time
9. Increase your sales figures
10.Increase your store’s profitability

We Help you Elevate your Customer Service

Retail Fundamentals provides a professional mystery shopper service to small businesses throughout Melbourne. After years of experience working with the retail industry, we’ve come to recognise the profound effect this particular strategy can have on your level of customer service and productivity. When you choose to work with our mystery shopping services, our researchers are sent into your retail store to evaluate their customer service experience. Their evaluations will then be analysed by us to identify areas for improvement and suitable training techniques.

For more information on our mystery shopping in Melbourne, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.