Turn Your Business Into A Customer Attracting Magnet

Why do some retail stores attract a lot of new customers ? Why are retail sales high for one store while others barely survive? What makes the difference?

Back in the early 80′s, along what was at the time a prominent shopping strip in Reservoir, Melbourne there were three almost identical shops side by side. Each was run by a husband and wife and each had an attached dwelling allowing the owners to live on site.

The retail owners of the shops at either end had a habit of sitting in their lounge room when business was quiet, and would come into their shop when a customer entered. Otherwise they would usually watch a little tv, read the paper and sometimes have friends and family over for a visit.

Are You A Leader Worth Following?

Are You A Leader Worth Following?

How do you communicate to motivate your team? Knowing how to inspire others is an essential attribute of great leadership.

At Retail Fundamentals we have developed The Outside In Method to help retail owners transform their businesses so that they attract and keep more customers and turn them into loyal fans. The resulting positive benefits include: their businesses are more profitable, their businesses increase in value, owners free up more of their own time and their staff become much happier and more loyal. An important part of the work we do is in the area of personal leadership. I have a favourite proverb that I cite frequently.

Key To A Successful Business? A Great Manager!

Key To A Successful Business? A Great Manager!

Have you ever wondered why your retail store isn’t attracting and keeping as many customers as you would like? The answer has much to do with your retail manager.

In my years in the retail industry I have come across some outstanding men and women in retail management. Sadly, they have been too few and as such, the retail businesses they represented suffered from far lower profit than was otherwise possible.

So, what were some of the characteristics and qualities of these outstanding retail managers who were able to attract significantly more customers to spend money in their stores?

This “Golden Action” Guarantees You Attract More Customers

This “Golden Action” Guarantees You Attract More Customers

Attracting more customers can be easy, provided that you get your visual merchandising right.

Visual merchandising is the art of creating a powerful emotional connection with your ideal potential customers. It helps you to get more of the right customers into your retail store. When done properly, more customers will….

Become excited
Want to possess
what you have on display.

To find out if your visual merchandising is working, you must perform this “Golden Action” immediately.

(When I speak about visual merchandising in this post, I want you to think “window displays”. Of course, visual merchandising is much more than that, but stay with me.)