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Retail Consulting Mission Statement

Our mission as a leading retail consulting company in Melbourne is to help our clients operate their businesses productively and profitably regardless of the state of the economy. By teaching and helping our clients to apply tested and proven success principles, they will be successful and remain that way. We will always act with integrity in delivering our retail consulting services. We will continuously review our performance and look to improve it and that of our specialist network. We aim for each client exchange to result in enthusiastic advocates and believe that this is the only way for our profitable success.

Retail doesn’t just mean fashion, groceries and other merchandise. The definition of retail is the sale of goods directly to individuals. Although this usually describes businesses that buy a large quantity of a product and then on sell it to the end consumer, it can also describe unique sales relationships such as bespoke work, direct selling, and sales directly from the producer to the consumer.

Due to the breadth of this definition, Retail Fundamentals work with businesses from a variety of different industries and niches. We work with organisations from sectors including (but not limited to):

    • Hospitality
    • Cafes, Restaurants, Bakeries and Take Away
    • Liquor
    • Specialty goods
    • Pharmacy
    • Jewellery and luxury goods
    • Supermarkets and fresh produce
    • Newsagents
    • Bookshops
    • Discount variety
    • Homewares
    • Furniture
    • Hardware and gardening
    • Fashion
    • Independent designers and new brands
    • Sports and leisure goods
    • Entertainment
    • Mixed retail and service businesses
    • Information technology
    • Communications


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